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Phase 1: Build and grow an awesome community

  •   Launch website
  •   Launch Discord and Twitter
  •   Spread Sloth Warriors to partners
  •   Upload all generative artworks to the blockchain in preparation for the mint
  •   Prepare marketplaces for the Sloth Warriors collection
  •   Updated Sloth Warriors 2.0 website

Phase 2: Sloth Warrior Initial Battle Pack

  •   Sloth Warriors first Battle Pack mint of 3,333 warriors

Phase 3: Warriors NFT Initial Integration

  •   Develop Warriors NFT integration
  •   Sloth Warriors Integration with Warriors NFT!
  •   Drop Bear Warrior NFTs

Phase 4: Battle

  • Battle zone Beta starts
  • Clan Wars begin - free for Warriors NFT owners (gas fees may apply)
  • Warrior Story Submission program
    • Program for writers to write a story/lore about their warriors
  • Results recorded forever in the annals of the Warriors NFT War ledger

Phase 5: Additional Battle Pack Drops

  • Drop Hamster Warrior NFTs
  • More battle packs and additional warrior classes!